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Natsu Matsuri 09!

I think this is my third year participating...can't exactly remember when was the first year actually...XD;; But yeah, decided not to dance this year and choose to sit and watch instead, which is still an interesting experience. XD

And now, on to the photos!

The saaaame yukata~ LOL, it's about time for me to change my yukata le...I'll get a new one if I am attending natsu matsuri next year~

*__* saw lots of cute little japanese kids in cute yukatas~~ <33 SO CUTE LAH. And was very amused by one of the perfs, which is this group of japanese soccer boys, and they're just playing around with the soccer ball and all, but it really seem like some kind of ikemen show. XD Loving the taiko performances too~ I rarely had the chance to properly sit down and enjoy the taiko perfs, but I managed to this year! 8D

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