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*finally stops procrastinating*

LOL, been procrastinating about my wishlist actually. XD;; I have alot of things I wannnnnt, but I can't exactly write them out! >_> I'll try though.

So here is my wish list:


-Canon series DSLR
-money. LOL
-new mp3 player!
-new laptop. XD;;

The possible ones:

Don't get me those bags that are like...office-lady ish okay. I'm studying, so I like bigger bags. I like sling bags and those one-shoulder bags, and I tend to choose bags because they look cute or because they look cool. I'm also looking for a big bag that I can use whenever I have to go for cosplay shoots or events...it has to be big, but not obvious, so that I can smuggle it out of the house easily~ XD;;

To nancy, kw and wp: I'm interested in this luggage looking sling bag from artbox~ :)

Uhhhhhhhhhhh. T-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. Actually, a nice T-shirt is fine~ XD I don't mind long sleeve shirts too~ :D

Reeeeeally lacking in these, but I don't think you guys shd get me, cause I'm very picky about shoes. Get me slippers instead! I like those simple flip flops, but they must be of cloth straps. Another kind I like is Birkenstocks-like sandles, but I don't like those...errrr...toe-based designs. I prefer those....erm....those designs that have straps instead. (okay i'm not making sense.)

LOL i'm lacking one. I want cute cute de~ and of a smaller size so that i can bring around

Water bottle

Clamp related artbooks are always appreciated and loved~~ Especially Mutuality, X-Zero(soft cover version with Kamui on the cover) and so on~

....I want all released five books of Momogumi plus Senki-chinese version (桃组plus战记)

Make up box/pouch
LOL I need a bigger one now. XD;;

Make up
A good eyeshadow palette with alot of colours and mascara! I'm very lacking in these right now!!

Contact lenses!
Specifically maxieye ones from Spectacle Hut. Right now, I think I need blue and green the most. And because it's for my birthday, get me the tricolour onessss~ XD (p.s: if you are really getting me contact lenses, CALL ME BEFORE GETTING OKAY?)

Such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings~ I want more necklaces though, those long long ones with cute/funky pendents/deco~ Uh, no pink please. Or crosses. Or skulls. LOL Mum will kill me.

Spectacle frames
Because I've taken to wearing contact lens recently, I'll like to own more funky spectacle frames to wear (and bluff ppl) while I'm wearing contact lens~ XD The lens can be of 0 degree~ And I'll prefer to have plastic frames~ :) (p.s: Don't get me pink. Seriously)

Errrrr, I think that's it so far. I can't think of anything else le. If there's anything I want to add though, I'll post here and I'll inform u guys~ XD

To the bball gang:
PLEEEEASE don't get me something useless that I cannot use. And really, NO PINK. Especially hot pink. I'm SERIOUS.
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