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Thought I was gonna missed it when big sis was like '=_= I dun have money to book.' SORRY SAGARA!!! DX And I was sdakajsdasd when she told be the tickets are like from 50 range. ORZ But yeah, she pulled out all her contacts and literally 出 all her powers to get two free tickets! So I rushed down to Kallang without dinner to catch it.

To get a detailed run down of the whole concert, go HERE.

Anyway, I have no idea HOW, but she managed to get two tickets at the premium area, and it was beside her boss. LOL. She was like 'sakdjksdjsd *curses*' to me later on.

The orchestra and choir are from NUS, so I wasn't really expecting much, but they turn out to be pretty good. Most of the music are from games that I've heard of but never played though, but some of them are quite epic and nice, such as Halo ones. Sis and I thought that Blizzard games have very lord-of-the-ring-feel OST (AND HOMG DIABLO 3 IS GONNA BE OUT in a few years time, but yeah) and MGS3's opening song sounds like some...James Bond movie opening credits (VERY SLEEZY TOO).

And then there's the crazy pianist Martin Leung who's....really crazy. @_@ He can play Mario songs at a CRAZY CRAZY speed. And he played the organ for that Castlevania song during encore. Another interesting one was from Chrono Trigger, and it has a kinda country rock feel to it that makes me thought of Crisis Core OST. The lead violinist is pretty good too~

Last but not least there's One Winged Angel, accompanied by a single electric guitar played by Tommy Tallarico. He didn't have a full rock band though, so it's more like...the original FFVII OWA with a guitar solo.

Hikari was played, but I was disappointed to see that they didn't include the chimes!! >__> And no KH footage due to copyright rules as well, so they played those old disney classic films shots on the screens. Which makes me wonder when is SE gonna have a KH concert??

So yeah, that pretty much sums up VGL~


Completed Mikage's body today~~~

Here's how he looks like with the head attached on~

I am left with his wings, the fur part at his neck, his horns and his face. >__> GANBARIMASU!

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