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Because I must complain about this

I think, sooner or later, my blood pressure is gonna rise if EVERY MAJOR boss is like that. ORZ

Starting to feel that I'm gonna get stuck with this sand heartless boss. ORZ Had two attempts only, but each attempt is SO FRUSTRATING. ORZ I have to kill him before he gets into the 'FLY IN THE AIR' mode which is really fucking sucky when he does that, cause it'll be damn hard to hit him. Watched the walkthrough vid, and the fellow did it before he goes into the flying mode.....but meh, two tries, and he's still flying. ORZ

SHALL TRY AGAIN TML. @___@ why do I suck at RPG? ORZ


On a side note, I spoiled myself for KH days. Ahaha. =__= Accidental tho. ORZ *prepares tissue for the impending ending*
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