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Just ended three weeks of intensive practise after the end of two concerts. I'm missing my juniors already, since I've been seeing them nearly EVERYDAY for the past three weeks >__<

It's back to being bored at home again, and trying to find a job plus trying to entertain myself everyday.

Jumped into a few new fandoms recently, the most biggest one being Inazuma 11, which, I swear, is like Prince of Tennis, with the endless possibilities of pairings, just that in this case, I SWEAR EVERYONE IS IN LOVE WITH ENDOU MAMORU LOL. Not that I'm complaining 8DD

Others includes Kurobara Alice, which is by Setona Mizushiro, also known as the author of AFTER SCHOOL NIGHTMARE. Seriously, Kurobara Alice is a NEW KIND OF MIND FUCK. @__@ Then there's Noblesse, which is LOLLOLLOLOL+EYE CANDY XDD Both are stories about vampires, but...oh so very different 8'D

Read the new series from Junjou Romantica's author (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi) as well and I LOVE IT. >_< The latest chapter ended in a fucking cliffhangerrrr!! T__T

*ahem* And I think I've gone back to fangirling Sakurai. What with him voicing as Ruka and CLAUDE (SPIDERMAAAAN) *A* Oh man, I missed his manry voiceeeee >__< Reminds me of Cloud, though Cloud is much more, uh, weak sounding? Hmm. But yeah, HE'S DAMN AWESOME AS CLAUDE *A*b!!! Claude gives me such a mixed feeling: one moment, I can be fawning at his kakkoi-ness, the next, he's being ridiculously dramatic in such a stoic manner that I can't help but LAUGH AT HIM. LOL. That aside, we have been starting to refer to spiders as 'a species of Claude' LOL

Anyway, I think I need a new game. GHOST TRICK IS TOO TAXING ON MY BRAINS. T___T
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