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Less than a month left to doomsday and here I am, trying my best to finish things up. Still left 11 Merlions, one video and one catalogue. Wahaha. I hope i can finish up the merlions by next week. =A= And shall be juggling the flash video during the waiting game (aka wait for things to dry).

Here's one of the merlions that I worked on today:

Gotta wait for it dry/harden, then paint it tomorrow. GANBARIMASU.

On a side note, went about planning my cosplay stuff as a form of a stress reliever. =v= It's nice to take my mind off merlions and think about what to do, what I need and so on for my plans.

In anycase, I finished the rabbit for Joker~ 8D It looks abit funky though, like on the verge of being very creepy and a little cute for some reason. =v= I named it Frankie.

Here's how he looks like~ 8D

=v= his ears are very VERY floppy, so I have to keep adjusting the wire. The skirt is, I admit, not of the right shape, but Tsuyin says it's cute, so I leave it like that =_= /heck care BUT I SUPER LOVE THE BLACK LITTLE LACE I GOT FOR HIM. *w* It's damn cute! Anyway, Frankie also has a body that is actually a pouch, so that I can put my handphone or stuff into it~ Need to get the neck ribbon and I am done~ 8D

Arm and leg warmers are done as well~THANK YOU TSUYIN FOR LETTING ME USE UR SEWING MACHINE. =A= It's so much more convenient. Homg. So I just need to get the belts for them, and make the cards deco thingy. Am left with the hat, the top and get the cloth to the tailor to do the pants.

=A= Shall finish up Neku this week too. PARENTS ARE GOING OVERSEAS, so I can dye the cloth over night! 8D I have so many things to do homg. =A=

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