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...I couldn't resist in the end. Ahaha. >_> Koped this from Seki~

Anyway, I kiiinda cheated by starting from 2005...=_= but that's cos I can't find any earlier that is in my hard drive.

In conclusion: I still do better at pencil drawings. =_= and throwing them into PS and colouring them is actually making it worse most of the time.

But I do see some kind of improvement in terms of proportions. ALOT of improvement...especially when it comes to drawing spontaneously with pencil.

Mouse drawing wise, I'm getting better as well, but it's really a hit or miss thing, I guess. Been getting better at gauging proportions while drawing with the mouse too. It's really so much easier with a pencil...=_=

Ending this with my latest mouse WIP...in the process of colouring now...

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